The House of Elves About Me Page

Calligraphy was always an art form that drew my eye and fascinated me, a truly old fashioned skill that seemed to be dying out and replaced with modern printing methods. However, the craftsmanship that goes into each piece can transform any venue, wedding or business in a way that you just can’t achieve through printing. Each design is one of a kind, and a skill I passionately believe should be kept alive.

This journey all began in a little town in Suffolk, where I first designed a few signs for a local bar. From there word of mouth spread and I was soon asked by several other businesses to draw their signage and blackboards, including a complete re-design and paint of a venue. It was shortly after this whilst working in a wedding venue part time that I realised there was a huge gap in the market. I saw many brides stress over trying to complete wedding stationary themselves or incur large printing bills. So I started a more personal service providing seating plans, welcome mirrors, place cards, blackboard signs and everything else in between, all completely customizable and cohesive to your theme for your big day.

Since beginning things have snowballed and I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with an array of clients including hotels, national charities, local bars/restaurants and wedding/private functions. I’ve also been very lucky to have had some of my work feature in various local newspapers. Whatever project is undertook though, no matter how big or small you can be reassured that it will always be created with love. The goal is to always consult and work with our customers to make sure we tailor every piece so it’s special to you. ♥